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Why Choose Risk Alternatives For Your Nonprofit Risk Management 

You can build a nonprofit risk management process on your own. It helps, though, to have trusted advisors who can support your journey to resilience. That’s where Risk Alternatives comes in.  

World-Class Experience 

First, we bring world-class experience and expertise 

I’m Ted Bilich, the Founder and CEO of Risk Alternatives. I’ve been working with nonprofit organizations for more than 30 years. After graduating from Harvard Law School, I spent more than 20 years in the Washington DC office of the international law firm of Jones Day. I also taught at Georgetown University Law Center – first part-time, then full-time for a few years until founding Risk Alternatives in 2013 to help build resilient nonprofits. As a result, we bring: 

  • More than 30 years providing risk management research and counseling. 
  • More than 20 years teaching and training, including designing classes, teaching large and small groups, and developing active learning environments. 
  • More than 20 years counseling individuals and organizations facing complex business and dispute resolution issues, including governance and compliance challenges. And  
  • More than 25 years of service on nonprofit boards, associational committees, and government commissions. 

In short, you’d have to look far and wide for better advisors.  

Pioneering Approach 

Second, we developed and pioneered the Lean Risk Management™ process. We used data gathered in countless engagements, as well as regular surveys and research. We developed a scalable approach to resilience that isn’t “one size fits all, but rather meets each nonprofit where it currently stands and takes it step by step through building out an effective, sustainable risk culture.  

Strategic Relationships 

Third, we have strategic, working relationships with some of the most progressive funders and nonprofit support groups in the United States. We provide nonprofit trainings for leading foundations like YouthBridge Foundation, the Community Foundation for Greater Memphis, the Zilber Family Foundation, the Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, the Community Foundation of Broward, and many others. We work regularly with organizations like the Support Center in New York City, Momentum Nonprofit Partners in Memphis, The Forbes Funds in Pittsburgh, and the Nonprofit Center for Northeast Florida in Jacksonville.  

Help at Every Step 

Fourth, we provide targeted interventions that help you every step of the way. We can help you perform your initial risk inventory, develop your first risk register, and implement a risk management cycle.  

Online Network – BeST 

Finally, we developed and now curate the only online network devoted to nonprofit resilience, risk management, and process improvement. Named Nonprofits Build Strength Together (BeST)™, this group provides online office hours, webinars, tools and templates, and peer support and interaction to help you get answers when you need them and find support at every step of your risk management journey.

Nonprofits Build Strength Together (BeST)

Risk Alternatives sponsors and curates an online group for nonprofit leaders who want to build resilient organizations.

To stay informed about this group, called Nonprofits Build Strength Together (BeST), click this button.