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“I want to thank you for all your help these past nine months and for helping me to discover a new passion! I just wanted to share that what you’ve shared has been applied to [our nonprofit] but goes beyond! . . . I received positive feedback on [Risk Alternatives’ board training webinar] and found an ally who I believe can become a champion for the board and bridge the gap between them and us as staff.” J.J., Manager of Process Improvement


“[Risk Alternatives] identified numerous areas where [our nonprofit] could reduce risk, achieve efficiencies, make its operations more professional, and establish a foundation for continued growth and stability. . . . We got more than our money’s worth.” E.F., Board Member


“Ted was brought in to provide advice about a potential set of issues and was able to help get us back on track in a short amount of time. Though his knowledge and experience are extraordinary, it’s his approachable demeanor that makes it such a pleasure to work with him.” P.S., Board Member


“Risk Alternatives helps organizations apply simple, powerful tools that can drive change and improvement. Their process is like therapy or coaching for your organization.” E.V., Executive Director


“[Ted’s] expertise with risk management proved to be invaluable. I would highly recommend Ted to any organization that needs help in this regard. It will be money well-spent and create a stream-lined way to implement best business practices.” L.M., Founder


“Risk Alternatives does a great job helping new organizations focus and get their priorities straight. Plus, Ted is a pleasure to work with.” J.B., Executive Director


“We hired Risk Alternatives because we needed advice and problem-solving concerning nonprofit governance and the risk process. Ted was prompt, professional, and worked with us to resolve our issues quickly. He gave us tremendous clarity and peace of mind as he walked us through our risk assessment. He was also able to identify other resources for us so that we could further professionalize our organization. We got much more than our money’s worth. I recommend Risk Alternatives very highly.” Naseera Maqsood, Director of The Children’s School in Arlington VA