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Step 1 - Alert

Recognizing Your Nonprofit’s Need for Lean Risk Management™

As we have noted in other articles in this series, nonprofits need risk management, — a way of identifying and dealing with the most pressing issues they face. Many nonprofit leaders walk around every day with nagging doubts about whether they have the right systems in place to address their risks.  

You’re different: you’ve learned about Lean Risk Management™.” You have learned that there is a better way to identify risks in your nonprofit organization. In short, in our five-step journey toward nonprofit resilience, you’re ALERT.

Step One – ALERT 

The nonprofit leader at this stage of her journey exhibits many common characteristics:  

  • You know about basic fundamental elements of risk management like financial controls, whistleblower policies, employee handbooks, professional development, and others.  
  • You know that insurance, while important, is insufficient as your sole risk management strategy.  
  • Finally, you know that there has to be a better way.  

You need confidence that your staff is working with you, that they are energized, and that they discover new ways to work together to meet your nonprofit’s mission. You need assurance that your board members are right there with you, aware of the most important issues, and supportive of your efforts. You need clarity about where all the balls in the air are and who is responsible for each ball. You’re ALERT to your need.  

You’re Not Alone 

By beginning to explore a risk process for your organization, you are part of an exceptional group that wants to strengthen health, resilience, and longevity of their nonprofitsTake heart. With the online group we’ve started here at Risk Alternatives, Nonprofits Build Strength Together (BeST), you don’t have to face your challenges alone! 

TOLLGATE OUT OF “ALERT” STAGE. The successful nonprofit leader emerges from this stage when she decides to investigate a more formal, structured, but simple and manageable risk management process for her organization. We will explore the hallmarks of that next stage – ASPIRE – in our next post 

Nonprofits Build Strength Together (BeST)

Risk Alternatives sponsors and curates an online group for nonprofit leaders who want to build resilient organizations.

To stay informed about this group, called Nonprofits Build Strength Together (BeST), click this button.