Sometimes you feel like your mission and livelihood are in peril.

  • You have too many balls in the air.
  • You can’t plan for the long term.
  • You can’t spend on critical infrastructure.
  • You worry about hiring, training, developing, paying, and retaining staff.
  • You feel like your nonprofit lives hand to mouth.
  • You feel worried, harried, and under pressure.

We get it. Nonprofits do so much good in the world. It’s not fair that they are under constant pressure.

Risk Alternatives is here to help.

Working with us, you gain clarity and peace of mind by managing your risks and improving your core processes.

We help you inventory your risks, address your most important challenges, and build a culture of continuous improvement.

Here's a simple plan for how to begin:

1. Download our fact sheet on what experts say you should be doing about risk management.

2. Reach out to us about scheduling a free strategy session. In that call, we provide suggestions for immediate improvement.

3. Perform the first step on your risk management journey -- a risk inventory, where your team identifies threats and opportunities throughout your nonprofit.

We can guide you along this path. 

Using in-person and virtual trainings, webinars, and blog posts, we have helped thousands of nonprofit leaders begin taking steps toward resilience and sustainability using risk management. We can help you prioritize your risks, develop a punch list of high-value action items, and build a virtuous routine. We also provide board trainingcoaching on risk management and process improvement, and web-based training to help you build resilience from top to bottom in your nonprofit. Find out more by downloading this helpful overview of our approach.

At Risk Alternatives, we want to help you thrive.