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Lean Strategic Planning

Lean Strategic Planning builds on Ted Bilich’s successful book, Managing Your Nonprofit for Resilience (Wiley 2023), where he introduced the concept of building an early warning system for your nonprofit to see threats before they become crises and exploit opportunities before they pass on by. Lean Strategic Planning builds on that core insight to help your nonprofit couple critical strategic imperatives while monitoring issues that might affect those imperatives. That way, your strategic work blends seamlessly with your daily operations.

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Risk Identification, Prioritization, and Execution (RIPE)

Do you want to do a better job of identifying risks and addressing threats and opportunities, so that your limited nonprofit resources can go further? Our signature RIPE engagement teaches you nonprofit risk management to help you improve operations, evaluate risks, reduce threats, and grow revenues by finding new sources of opportunity.

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Board Risk Management Training

We provide a hands-on series of three nonprofit training sessions to identify proper roles and approach, clarify the organization’s appetite for potential risk, and provide support for key risks facing the organization.

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Structured Risk Management and Process Coaching

We provide a series of 12 monthly coaching sessions focused on each functional area of your nonprofit organization.

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Facilitated Risk Inventory

This engagement is our “RIPE-Lite” engagement. We help you and your staff develop an inventory of your threats and opportunities in all functional areas of your organization with a comprehensive risk assessment. If you want a snapshot of your risks without the fuller risk process, this is it.

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Risk Management Champion (RMC) Training

If you can’t afford a full risk management engagement right now or want to dip a toe in the water before making a greater commitment, this engagement helps two of your staff begin their nonprofit education and professional development by learning about risk analysis and management for much less than the usual RIPE investment.

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Risk Management

Great organizations don’t avoid risk. Risk is simply uncertainty, and anything worth pursuing involves uncertainty. Since risks can be negative or positive, risk management always involves threats and opportunities. We help organizations handle both by applying a four-step risk process.

Process Improvement

Most threats and opportunities come from inside the organization. Risk Alternatives helps organizations find those risks and create the necessary contingency plans to deal with them. To do that, we use Lean Management techniques to help customers improve their performance through continuous, real time process improvement.