How do smaller foundations differ from larger ones, and what does that mean to nonprofits seeking financial support? Those questions, and more, are answered by Henry Berman, CEO of Exponent Philanthropy, in this latest edition of the About Risk Podcast. The topics include:

  • How have foundations with small staffs (but often with substantial resources) gathered together through Exponent Philanthropy to increase their individual and collective impact?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a smaller foundation?
  • What emerging trends in philanthropy are smaller foundations and their grantees accounting for now?
  • How do foundations respond to requests for nonprofit infrastructure spending?
  • How are nonprofits applying risk management principles in their operations?
  • What nonprofit capacity building funding is most attractive to funders?
  • What issues arise in Henry’s class at Columbia University on the Role and Unique Nature of the Nonprofit Sector?


Henry can be found on the internet at Exponent Philanthropy, on Twitter as @berman_henry. During the podcast he mentioned two other connected sites, Philanthrofiles.org, Exponent Philanthropy’s blog, and the video series PhilanthropyLessons.org, which provides videos sharing highlights and lessons learned from leaders in philanthropy during their careers. Both are very much worth your attention.