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Katie Leonberger is a powerful voice in contemporary nonprofit risk management. As CEO of Community Resource Exchange (CRE), a nonprofit support group based in New York City, she worked on the risk management subcommittee (with podcast guest Michael Zisser) for the Human Services Council’s task force evaluating the fall of FEGs. Since then, she has been an active member of the Ahead of the Curve consortium, and under her leadership, CRE has developed a new tool — CREFT — to help nonprofits evaluate the risks they face.

Katie can be found online @KatieLeonberger. CRE is on Twitter as @creinnyc. To find out more about CREFT, you can email CREFT@crenyc.org.


Ahead of the Curve / Risk Management Integration

Tell us how you came to focus on risk management during the HSC task force. [1:15]

The Ahead of the Curve consortium has hosted a number of meetings and events focused on nonprofit risk management. If you had to distill those meetings and events into three or four practical action items that every nonprofit should be taking right now, what would that list include? [6:12]

What resources would you suggest nonprofits draw upon in taking those action items (books, reports, websites, blogs)? [10:20]

Where would you like to see nonprofit risk management moving over the next few years? [12:32]



I know that CRE has been working on a risk management tool that nonprofits can use as part of their effort to build risk management capacity. The tool is called CREFT. What does that stand for? [15:08]

How long have you been working on this tool? [17:42]

What does the tool do? [20:47]

What size or type of nonprofit would be ideally suited to use this tool? [22:09]

Tell me what you heard from the nonprofits who have been using it. [23:30]

Who at CRE is working on these issues – risk management generally, and specifically CREFT? [25:49]