At Risk Alternatives, we help nonprofits and small businesses manage their risks and improve their processes using “lean” management tools. We support organizations as they inventory their risks, address their most important challenges, and build a culture of continuous improvement. We also provide board training, structured coaching on risk management and process improvement, and web-based training.

Latest Resources

Prioritizing Nonprofit Risks (Lean Risk Management 12)

Nonprofit risk management involves being honest about what is going on, then taking the next reasonable step in response to that reality. In prior posts, we explained how to become honest -- by adopting core commitments, developing a timeline for progress, and...

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Go Back to School on Nonprofit Risk Management

  It's that time of year again when students head back to school and clear out of the house after summer vacation. September is a good time to take stock and ramp up for the coming months. One aspect of that reflection should include nonprofit risk management. We all...

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