Our Purpose

We build stronger communities by helping nonprofits and startups thrive. We do this by training organizations to use risk management and process improvement tools. 


Our Values

1. Add value at every step

We aspire to provide value to our customers with every interaction.

2. Build learning environments

Edwards Deming once said, “It is not mandatory to change. Survival is optional.” We take this to heart every day. To survive and thrive, organizations must be open to learning and change. That includes our team. 

3. Foster connection

Together people can do things that no single person can do alone. We build social capital in our communities. We want to work with organizations that care about the places in which they live.

4. Model continuous improvement

We take kaizen — continuous incremental change — as a bedrock principle. We advocate it for our customers, and we aspire to model it in our our practices.

5. Emphasize personal development as a foundation of organizational excellence

Investments in our people pay off for them, for Risk Alternatives, and for our communities.

6. Make it fun

We know we have to work hard. But if we aren’t having fun most of the time when we’re “working,” we’re wasting our lives.


So Give Us a Call. If you share these values, we might make a great fit. Please give us a call if you are interested in a free consultation.