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Join one of Risk Alternatives’ premier nonprofit risk management programs:
Nonprofits Build Strength Together, or BeST.

No matter where your organization is now, there are miles to go until you are risk agile. Nonprofits BeST gives you the language, tools, and support you need to continue to move forward.

Your membership includes up to three others from your nonprofit team. BeST helps you get your colleagues to base camp, so you can build a resilient organization together.

As with most journeys, others are further along the path, ready to help provide maps, tools, encouragement, and the wisdom of their experience.

Through the BeST program, you get…


  • Expert advice to answer questions and support progress – through monthly news and tips, webinars, and virtual office hours to ask questions and get answers. Because you have lots of ways to get support, you get it when you need it.


  • A growing group of peer organizations who can provide insight about their own journeys, so that you can learn from the mistakes, lucky breaks, and successful gambles of other nonprofits.


  • Community conversations. You’re not alone – you have support from Risk Alternatives and other organizations like yours.


  • Tools, templates, and practical how-to instruction, so you don’t have to spend your time or money reinventing the wheel or searching for answers.
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