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You want to improve the resiliency and agility of your grantees.

We can help.

Do you worry whether your funding dollars are doing the most possible good?

You joined your foundation because you want to help change the world. The causes you care about need support, and you want to make a difference.

Ultimately, though, you don’t do the front-line work. Your grantees do. And even with the best grant review process, you still face a black box with your grantees.

They want to put their best foot forward. They face challenging business models: razor-thin budgets, volunteer boards, volunteers in mission-critical functions, at-risk and risky populations. It’s no wonder they might not want to tell you about their troubles and worries. In fact, they might not even fully understand those nonprofit challenges themselves.

You don’t want your limited funding dollars wasted, but how can you gain real insight into what’s going on inside your grantee, nonprofit organizations? How do you gain confidence that your grantees have a risk process in place to see potential risks before being blindsided and develop opportunities before they disappear? In other words, how do you ensure the stewardship of your funds and mission?

There is a way.

  • What if you and your grantees shared a common vocabulary so that you could discuss their challenges and contingency plans?
  • What if you had a solid way to identify the weak spots in your grantee portfolio so you could target your capacity dollars with laser accuracy in real time?
  • What if instead of worrying about potential problems inside some black box, you could spend your days acting strategically to further the causes you hold dear?

We get it. We’re Risk Alternatives, and we can help you put more impact in your impact investing. We bring more than 50 years of combined nonprofit risk management, risk process improvement, and nonprofit training experience to bear to improve funder/grantee effectiveness. We care about nonprofits and the critical causes they support – like women’s rights, relief funds and support for the poor and suffering, minority rights, public health, environmental priorities, and a free and unfettered press. Those causes are under fire, and every dollar counts. We want to maximize the impact of limited funder dollars.


If you care about these issues, here’s a simple, three-step plan.

1. Download our free guide that explains how Risk Alternatives can help you maximize the effect of your funding dollars.

2. Talk to us about hosting a half-day workshop or full-day conference to create a common vocabulary and give your grantees practical tools that they can immediately put to work to improve performance. We guarantee that you will get benefits from this call even if you choose to go no further.

3. Have Risk Alternatives train a select cohort of your grantees to ensure that the most important organizations you fund are helping each other as they apply proven methodologies to improve resiliency and sustainability.