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With both sadness and pride, Risk Alternatives announces that our Director of Operations, Linda Lenrow Lopez, is leaving to join The Wikimedia Foundation as Enterprise Risk Management Principal.

“Linda has been instrumental to Risk Alternatives’ growth over the past few years,” CEO Ted Bilich said. “She has helped hone our training offerings, streamlined operations, and was instrumental in founding our national online support portal for nonprofits, Nonprofits Build Strength Together.”

“I can’t imagine someone more suited for the role of bolstering risk management at Wikimedia Foundation,” Bilich continued. “Wikimedia promotes education and the expansion and dissemination of knowledge worldwide. Now more than ever, we need organizations like Wikimedia, and I’m glad that the foundation will have Linda on its team to help meet challenges head-on in achieving its vital mission.”

“Since I joined Risk Alternatives, Ted has generously shared his deep knowledge of the nonprofit sector with me and given me the opportunity to guide nonprofits through their risk management journey,” Linda Lenrow Lopez said. “His mentoring provided the launch-pad for this opportunity. I look forward to continuing my connection with Risk Alternatives and BeST for many years to come.”