Now more than ever before, you care about resilience and sustainability in your nonprofit. You need support, encouragement, nonprofit resources, and allies along the way. You need to know that you have everything you need to not only help your organization survive, but thrive.

We’re launching a new online group that gives you all that and more. 

We call it Nonprofits Build Strength Together: BeST.

The “e”? It stands for everyone involved, including you. It stands for nonprofit leaders across the United States who recognize that they’re stronger when they work together, with expert advice, to build sustainability.. It stands for a tribe of innovators that you can join for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.


We Need What’s BeST Right Now

Even in good times, nonprofit challenges can be overwhelming. But let’s face it, right now is not the best of times. Experts say one out of every 10 nonprofits may not make it through the next six months. 

So what comes next? Now that we know how vulnerable nonprofits are, how do we build truly resilient, agile, successful nonprofit organizations that can withstand challenges that we haven’t even begun to identify? The BeST nonprofits want to chart a path together. 

What the BeST Get

BeST is sponsored and curated by Risk Alternatives, with more than 60 collective years of nonprofit risk management research, nonprofit training, and counseling experience. Risk Alternatives helps BeST members as they move from anxiety to resilience using a proven, five-step path:

  • They become ALERT to their organizational crown jewels and potential risks. 
  • They ASPIRE to become more savvy about uncertainty.
  • They then become AWARE of how to perform risk management, including how to use nonprofit tools like the risk inventory, risk register, and risk process cycle.
  • They become ADEPT at using those tools. And finally, 
  • They become AGILE in the face of uncertainty. 

Rather than trying to figure out how to deal with unprecedented challenges on their own, BeST members connect with others who are on the same path.  We will curate interactions among nonprofits, so that you can benefit from the experience and teamwork of other seasoned nonprofit leaders like you. And at every step, Risk Alternatives provides advice and innovative nonprofit management tips.

BeST offers “office hours” where we can work with you to resolve issues in your organization. We provide videos, podcasts, and templates addressing issues like volunteer management strategies, board member engagement and improvement, contingency planning, risk assessment, and crisis management.

When you join BeST, you get what we estimate to be more than $23,000 of potential value, all for an annual investment of less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day. 


Build Risk Management and Resilience Capacity

Risk management is not simply a good idea. It’s essential for best practice in nonprofit operations. If you build a dedicated process to identify risks and opportunities throughout your organization, prioritize those risks, respond to them, and assess and improve over time, you have built a risk management process. BeST helps at each step. 

But keep in mind, this BeST offer is limited. Only a few BeST memberships are available at this introductory rate of 30% off with the purchase of an annual membership, and the offer ends soon. 

So don’t delay. The BeST is waiting for you. Click here to learn more and sign up