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As we discussed in this post, nonprofits lag in cyber security.  Cyber security and awareness is just as import for nonprofits as it is businesses.  We recognize, however, that nonprofits and small businesses face budget constraints that larger organizations don’t worry about. What are some action steps nonprofits can take on a limited budget?  In this article, experts share their thoughts on how nonprofits can be more prepared.

 Cyber crimes cost the global economy more than $445 billion annually, and the cost is only expected to continue to rise. For the business community, that cost can have a material impact, but for nonprofits with extremely limited budgets, every dollar used toward cyber security is a dollar that can’t be used to make an impact on the community. Nonprofits are increasingly being targeted by hackers, so security awareness is just as important for their operations as any other business.

You can find the rest of this excellent article by Alliance Data here.