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Resilience Cohort Engagement

As a foundation supporting nonprofit organizations, you want to maximize the impact of the dollars you invest in social change. Your grantees are doing their best, but they have challenging business models and often simply don’t know what they don’t know. You shouldn’t have to live with the frustration and uncertainty of putting your limited resources into a system that isn’t as efficient and effective as possible.

That’s where Risk Alternatives and nonprofit risk management come in.

Nonprofit risk management guides charitable organizations to identify potential risks and find where they need help to operate at the highest levels.

However, even though nonprofit standards across the United States say risk management is a critical best practice, most nonprofits lack even basic protections. For instance, only 20% say they have crisis communication plans or business contingency plans. In a world grappling with COVID-19 and expecting other profound nonprofit challenges as we move forward, that’s not acceptable.

Our turnkey program, the Resilience Cohort Engagement, is the best tool to educate and support your grantees as they begin their journey to resilience.

Our “public workshop” for all of your grantees is the first step on that path. We survey your grantees to gather important benchmarking data, then provide them with a detailed online session that gives them practical training and actionable resilience tools.

After that workshop, you then choose between 4 and 10 cohort organizations to receive detailed live online instruction as they begin to use risk management tools and improve their nonprofit education. The cohort experience encourages an ongoing community of practice among cohort members to reinforce their learning and help new practices take root.

Finally, Risk Alternatives provides ongoing support to cohort participants through our exclusive online nonprofit support group, Nonprofits Build Strength Together (BeST). In BeST, they receive additional pointers, webinars, templates, and virtual “office hours” where they learn from us, from other experts, and from their peers.

Foundations that want to test the waters can opt for our Resilience Workshop Series. There, we provide engaging, interactive online workshops for grantees that give them practical resilience and risk management tools. 

Foundations across the US pay us to provide successful nonprofit training to the organizations they fund, and we base our training on hard data and proven methodologies. We have a dramatically lower cost structure than other companies in our space, and we pass that on to the organizations we serve.

But let’s be clear. For us, the focus is on you and your grantees. We want to see you thrive.