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Facilitated Risk Inventory


This professional development offering is our “RIPE-Lite” engagement.*  We help your nonprofit leaders and project teams develop an inventory of your nonprofit challenges and opportunities in all functional areas of your nonprofit organization. If you want a snapshot of your risks and risk process, this nonprofit training is it. Benefits include:

  • An online survey for your team members to complete. This is the first step in the risk management process. It will give them the chance to identify potential threats and opportunities in every functional area, with podcasts that familiarize them with the risk analysis and inventory process.
  • A diagnostic memorandum summarizing and analyzing the results of the survey, providing suggested nonprofit resources, and recommending next steps; and
  • A debriefing conference call during which we will answer your questions and provide additional feedback.

If you’re looking to begin nonprofit risk assessment, here’s your chance.

* Learn more about RIPE here.