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Coronavirus Nonprofit Risk Management Resources

Beyond handwashing, social distancing, and other competent advice you’ve read that can help prevent the spread of illness, what steps should you take now to protect your staff and the people who depend on your services? While this page is not a substitute for… Read more

Four Tips for Nonprofits Dealing with COVID-19

What should your nonprofit be doing now, in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic response? Learn a path forward for effective risk management and sustainability here.

What Do Nonprofits Know About COVID-19 One Month In?

One month in, what do nonprofits know about the Coronavirus crisis? Risk management is applied mindfulness: a combination of radical acceptance of reality, coupled with taking the next reasonable steps in the face of one’s circumstances. I live in Virginia, where the… Read more

Should Your Nonprofit Engage in Strategic Planning During Uncertain Times? No: Here’s 3 Steps to Take Instead

Once confined to Fortune 100 companies, strategic planning has become a regular ritual in the nonprofit sector. Most nonprofits have engaged in some form of strategic planning in the past, and no doubt, many nonprofits were in the process of “refreshing” their… Read more

What Your Nonprofit Can Do Now to Reduce Risks Relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Coronavirus headlines are alarming. Many communities will be affected even if the spread of the virus remains contained. Beyond handwashing and other competent advice you’ve read over the last weeks that may help prevent the spread of illness, what steps should you… Read more

Consider the Small Business Administration for Nonprofit Financial Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The world has changed since our original Coronavirus blog post on March 7. Many jurisdictions have imposed some level of quarantine requirements. Travel is not recommended. Financial markets have fallen dramatically. Most fundraising events have been canceled or postponed. Read more

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