Risk Identification, Prioritization, and Execution for Entrepreneurs
Do you want to do a better job of identifying and addressing threats and opportunities, so that your limited resources can go further? Our signature RIPE engagement helps you improve operations, reduce threats, and grow revenues by finding new sources of opportunity. You gain the following benefits:

            Tools, resources, and hands-on training. Your business learns how to make identification of threats and opportunities a powerful, routine part of daily operations. We provide intensive training workshops, including online surveying and follow-up. During the RIPE training, the business will perform its first risk inventory, developed its first risk register, and will begin implementing a risk cycle.

            Peace of mind. By learning how to identify and deal with threats before they become crises and how to develop opportunities before they pass you by, you gain comfort that your organization is maximizing its use of resources.

            Value. By implementing risk management and process improvement, you find ways to reduce costs, prevent losses, and unlock new sources of revenue.

            Sounding board and advice. Risk Alternatives doesn’t leave you after your training ends. Instead, our team can talk through problems as your operations unfold and new issues arise.

            The price of the RIPE engagement depends upon the number of team members involved and other options. A company can send senior personnel through the RIPE process in Year One, then bring selected junior personnel into the process in (optional) Year Two.