Board Risk Training

Nonprofit boards have a limited but critical role in risk management. They must ensure that staff is performing risk management, weigh in on important risks, and set the tone for effective risk management from the top of the organization:

Risk Alternatives provides a hands-on series of three training sessions with a board to identify proper roles and approach, clarify the organization’s willingness to take risks in pursuit of its objectives, and provide support relating to key risks facing the organization. This engagement provides the following benefits:

“Nose in, hands off” philosophy. A board should be nosy, but not intrusive. Our training helps executive directors reduce board member temptation to get in the weeds, while satisfying board members’ desire and obligation to perform their important governance function.

Sustainable risk management initiatives. All the staff training in the world will not build effective, sustainable long-term risk management if the organization’s board ultimately does not support those efforts. By coupling board training with the RIPE engagement, you can increase the likelihood that your nonprofit will make risk management a way of life.

Increased board engagement on mission-critical objectives. By learning how the organization is identifying, evaluating, prioritizing, and acting on threats and opportunities, board members learn how to mobilize their own networks to serve the nonprofit more effectively.