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Each week we read scores of articles about nonprofit risk management and provide the best ones here. This week’s links involve donors’ responses to COVID, trust in the nonprofit sector, and issues relating to the 4-day work week.

Philanthropy and COVID-19: Examining Two Years of Giving – This report, sponsored by Candid, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and the Pennington Foundation, focuses on the second year of giving in the pandemic – 2021. Early indications suggest that cverall grantmaking increased by 11 percent, but funding specifically for COVID-19 declined by 31 percent. As the report explains, however, how to classify funding between general operating support and COVID-related support is challenging.

Trust in nonprofits is down since 2020, according to Independent Sector Survey. Philanthropy Daily reports on a survey that the number of persons with high trust in nonprofits fell a statistically significant three percent from 59 percent to 56 percent in the last year. You can download the Independent Sector report here. It is worth reviewing, since it notes provocative issues about women’s and Gen Z’s attitudes about the sector.

What Leaders Need to Know Before Trying a 4-Day Work Week. As we shift back from the pandemic, many employers are thinking about implementing a 4-day work week. In this article in Harvard Business Review, the authors make a few important points about what that might really mean for workers.


And just for fun . . . can you really fix your electronics by smacking them?