In the past year and a half, New York City has dramatically increased focus on nonprofit risk management and advocacy. One of the key actors on that stage has been Allison Sesso, executive director of the Human Services Council of New York City. She recently joined host Ted Bilich for an in-depth interview on the New York City nonprofit landscape, the importance of nonprofit risk management, and the importance of collective advocacy by the nonprofit sector. We cover the following topics in this 35-minute discussion:

  • How the collapse of FEGS, a large human services nonprofit, led to a working group, a groundbreaking report, and an ongoing dialogue about nonprofit risk management. During that portion of the interview, Allison and Ted refer to the the HSC-published report, New York Nonprofits in the Aftermath of FEGS: A Call to Action, Seachange Capital and Oliver Wyman’s report, Risk Management for Nonprofits; and the Ahead of the Curve Symposium report from late 2016, Ahead of the Curve Symposium: Defining, Assessing and Managing Risks at Nonprofits.
  • How New York City’s nonprofit sector has gathered together over the past year to advocate about government contracts, leading to significant public policy changes. In this portion of the interview, Allison mentions HSC’s upcoming RFP Rater, which will help New York City nonprofits analyze potential government contracts. This tool can serve as a model for other jurisdictions. [UPDATE: The HSC RFP Rater is now live.]

[There were some minor sound issues during the recording of this podcast,  but they are very minor.]

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