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About Risk Alternatives

  • Do you want best-in-class results for your nonprofit?
  • Do you want to develop a flexible, durable strategic plan for your nonprofit?
  • Do you want to invest in your personal and professional development?
  • Are you willing to explore potential risks and contingency plans in order to best support your team?
  • Are you worried you might have overlooked common nonprofit challenges?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we might make a great team.

We founded Risk Alternatives to work with nonprofits, startups, small businesses, and nonprofit funders to help them grow and succeed using strategic planning, risk management, and process management tools. 

Why? Because the best communities build value on a foundation with two pillars: scalable small organizations that create jobs and wealth, and sustainable nonprofits to provide essential services for those in need.

Risk Doesn’t Have To Be a Four-Letter Word. Risks can be unsettling. It is easier to focus on what’s urgent while ignoring what’s necessary and important. But if you can create ways to make it easier to see and identify risks and opportunities, you can

  • Increase clarity,
  • Reduce costs,
  • Simplify tasks,
  • Streamline processes,
  • Develop new initiatives, and
  • Increase sustainability and resilience.

We Solve For Risk. That’s what we do — we help you build and hone effective nonprofit risk management processes, leading to all the benefits above. Hiring Risk Alternatives can make an immediate difference in your operations. We provide powerful insights that increase your awareness of the threats and opportunities. You learn to identify unnecessary costs and find fixes to unlock additional resources. You increase alignment with shared objectives. We serve as coaches, accountability partners, and sounding boards as you implement these changes and become more resilient and sustainable. In short, you receive our brand promise: clarity, peace of mind, and value. We live our purpose and values every day.

Here are some of the ways our customers have expressed their worries:

  • “Given the uncertainty nonprofits face, we need a strategic plan that responds and reacts to changes along the way.”
  • “Too much of our knowledge and nonprofit resources are stuck in the minds of our key personnel and project teams. If we lose any of them, we’re sunk.”
  • “If we’re honest, we move from crisis to crisis and can’t get ahead of the curve.”
  • “We want to grow, but we need a repeatable model that doesn’t require constant supervision.”
  • “We are on the cusp of great things, but we need to ensure we look and act professional to the outside world. More than that, we actually need to be professional.”

Do you think any of that sounds familiar to you? Then listen to what customers have said about working with Risk Alternatives:

  • “[Risk Alternatives] identified numerous areas where the company could reduce risk, achieve efficiencies, make its operations more professional, and establish a foundation for continued growth and stability. . . . We got more than our money’s worth.”
  • “Ted was brought in to provide advice about a potential set of issues and was able to implement nonprofit tools and nonprofit training to help get us back on track in a short amount of time. Though his knowledge and experience are extraordinary, it’s his approachable demeanor that makes it such a pleasure to work with him.”
  • “We hired Risk Alternatives because we needed advice and problem-solving concerning nonprofit governance and the risk process. Ted was prompt, professional, and worked with us to resolve our issues quickly. He gave us tremendous clarity and peace of mind as he walked us through our risk assessment. He was also able to identify other resources for us so that we could further professionalize our organization. We got much more than our money’s worth. I recommend Risk Alternatives very highly.”