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Our Mission

We build stronger communities by helping nonprofits and small businesses manage their risks and improve their processes using “lean” management tools. We support organizations as they inventory their risks, address their most important challenges, and build a culture of continuous improvement. We also provide board training, structured coaching on risk management and process improvement, and web-based training.

Latest Podcasts and Articles

CEO Risk Survey Shows Changing Role of Risk Management

Accounting firm PWC just published its annual CEO Survey, and its contents are quite interesting. As explained in a brief blog post by Dennis Chesley on the PWC blog last week, "Taking the Wide-Angle View: The Changing Role of the Risk Professional," "What we’re...

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Transparency Critical for Nonprofits, Too

  In a blog post in the Wall Street Journal online, Ben DiPietro rightly notes the growing pressure on businesses to attend to issues of inclusion, diversity, and social responsibility. The same is true for nonprofits. While many nonprofits have a legacy commitment to...

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There’s a 13th Reason to Resign from a Nonprofit Board

  Gene Takagi, who previously appeared on our Nonprofit Resilience and Growth podcast, recently published a list of 12 reasons why a nonprofit board member should resign from a nonprofit board. Gene's points are all excellent, but I would add a thirteenth reason: 13....

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