Nonprofits face a lot of challenges.


We’re here to help. Using risk management and process improvement tools, we train and support nonprofits as they increase sustainability, improve resilience, and gain clarity, peace of mind, and value.


You have come to right place. At Risk Alternatives, we have more than 50 years of collective risk management research, training, and counseling, and more than 25 years of service on nonprofit boards, associational committees, and government commissions.

Foundations pay us to provide risk management training to the nonprofits they fund, and we base our trainings on hard data and proven methodologies. We have a dramatically lower cost structure than other providers, and we pass that on to the nonprofits we serve.

We are so confident that you will get the value you pay for that we offer nonprofits a full guarantee.

But let’s be clear. For us, the focus is on you. We want to see you thrive.

So, are you looking to change the world? We are right there with you – every step of the way.